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Your destination for plant styling inspiration and tips to keep your indoor gardens thriving.

Hey, I’m Jenny — a Canadian maker and plant designer from Toronto with over 40 plant babies. I started plantbaby in 2017 to help you bring the outdoors in and fill your home with all the things you love (if you’re like me — think lots of plants!) You can shop the Jungleloft on my Instagram store, where you’ll find handcrafted plant hangers, personally selected vintage planters and one-of-a-kind boho decor accessories. 

I’ve taught dozens of ‘How Not To Kill Your Houseplant’ workshops across Toronto and online. I've also designed the plant-concepts for residential and commercial spaces, including my client's homes, offices and two of my favourite restaurants in the city — Paris Paris and Favorites. 

Before jumping into entrepreneurship, I was a Marketing Event Producer at the Gladstone Hotel. I received a Top 30 Under 30 award in March 2017 for my work producing a multi-event farm-to-table culinary series with top Canadian chefs. I hold a Creative Writing degree from Concordia University and a Public Relations postgraduate certificate from Humber College. 

When I’m not getting my hands dirty in soil, DIYs and crafts, you can find me writing, rearranging furniture for the millionth time, thrifting for rattan and hanging out with my girlfriend in Toronto’s West End. 

Happy planting! 

My plant philosophy 

To me, houseplants are perfect. These wild, beautiful things grow out of the earth, yet here they are, thriving in our living rooms, with only the soil, water and light we provide for them. They are living proof that we can expand, change and adapt within the confines of four walls. And sometimes they don’t thrive — and this gives us an opportunity to learn. 

They remind us that some things are out of our control and nature will always take its course. Every plant has flawed leaves, and they demonstrate that no natural thing is perfect (or productive) at all times. They teach us patience: to focus on what we can do, and wait for the rest to unfold (or unfurl, in their case). They keep our air clean, they keep us sane, they give us something to do. In tending to them, we tend to ourselves.