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On any given day, you can find me rearranging furniture in my loft for the 100th time, scouring Craigslist for vintage rattan or walking around with a podcast in my ears, looking for yummy food and good company.

My greatest passion is design. Along with obsessing over beautiful homes and vintage furniture, I’m interested in unpacking how we live in our spaces, and how our homes can create the foundation for a beautifully designed life - beyond our material objects.

I went to Concordia University for Creative Writing and after years of freelance writing, completed my postgraduate certificate in Public Relations from Humber College. From there, I joined the Gladstone Hotel’s marketing/event production team. This past year, I launched a side business called plantbaby, where I sell plant hangers. I also taught macrame workshops and did floral design for clients including iFinance, Shopify and wonderful weddings, along with dozens of How Not To Kill Your Houseplant workshops — across the city of Toronto and the 'net. 

Thanks for coming over, it’s very nice to have you here.